One of the things that we worry over when we go away on vacation is accommodation. It can be very expensive as well. But there are many accommodation options available now such as couch surfing, house exchanges and vacation rentals. We will be focusing on vacation rentals in this article. They are properties that you can rent short term that allow you to stay in a place that feels like home. However, you need to be selective when it comes to choosing a rental. It is every essential that you read reviews for the holiday rentals that you’re thinking of staying at.

You will get the best assessment of the place by reading the reviews of the previous tenants as rental owners may not disclose all the information. You can go online and read reviews and also get in touch with the previous tenants to ensure that you’re making the right choice. Even though a website offers up photos of the rental property, you cannot be sure that the property is in that state at the moment. You will not need to worry about such thing very much if you go through a reliable and reputed rental company.

You can also use Google Earth to take a look at your short term rentals before you decide which property to go for. You can check the surrounding area for disturbances as well. Maybe there’s a club next door that will be blaring loud music all through the night. You can use the street view option in Google maps to check out the neighbourhood. The websites will provide you with a list of amenities for every property and there will be several photos of the rental. Make sure you study them well so that you know everything that the rental property has to offer.

Check whether there’re are equipment that will allow you to cook. Some of the other things you should look for when you check the surrounding are transportation options, groceries, supermarkets etc. Make sure that you’re close to public transportation. And if the distance to public transportation from the rental property is not listed, you will have to ask the owner about it. You can also use Google maps to do this. It is every important that you’re in a place that is easily accessible. Make sure there is a good internet connection at the place as well. This has become an essential requirement nowadays due to the increased use of smartphones. Therefore, ask about the internet strength. You will need it to connect to your friends on social media and skype with your family.