While evaluating the building or house, it is a necessary step to examine any danger biological factors can induce on the building or the house under pre purchase building inspection and handover inspection report. We make sure to have a detailed look on the dangers biological factors might be influencing. As we know, pests are very much corrosive to the house or building’s integrity. An for that, we nee to have a thorough inspection of pests, including the most notorious agent, termite. 

Pro Property Reports offers a specialized service dedicated to only this wing. In this section, we do not only find out the active termites present in the house or building, but we also determine the underlying and potential danger coming to the structure. 

Termites are most notorious and equally hard to find. These usually are hidden under the floor settings and in the corners of furniture where it is practically impossible and impractical to access the area. That is the reason why termites flourish without even trying. 

Our trained inspector will look for possible of cavities and indentations underlying in facets of the house or building to identify and locate the termite or pest and also putting attention to the damage or the risk to the things because of the pests and termites. 

We then present you a thorough report which covers the facts like giving you a detailed analysis of any evidence of active or past termite activity that has resulted in major or minor damage to the building, walls, furniture, indentations, cavities and other places. Our pest and termite inspection in Central Coast team then give a detailed outlook on all the accessible areas where termites and pests are prone to attack. So we alert you beforehand so you come totally prepared to fight the disturbing biological factors and also wok for eliminating the root cause so as to avoid any main problems in the future. We also add significant attention to the detail when we do not only hit the specific targets but also go a step forward in analyzing the wood material present all over the house. We aim to pinpoint the timber wood that has a potential and thus providing a welcome site for the termites to attack. As we locate the hazard, we pave for not just he cure and treatment, but also the prevention of the danger to occur. We do not go by just written details, but we also focus on getting the details by capturing them with high resolution cameras. 

However, it is important to note here that this report will not be covering multi dimensional aspects as it is practically not feasible. Secondly, this report we will provide will not guarantee you a termite free or pest free environment anywhere in the future.